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Gossip Quotes

Gossip Quotes: A Unique Collection of Quotes About Gossip and Rumors.

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Show me someone who never gossips, and I'll show you someone who isn't interested in people.  -Barbara Walters

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. -Oscar Wilde

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.  -Benjamin Franklin

There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.  -Winston Churchill

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.  -Kahlil Gibran

Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will. -Pythagoras

The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business. -George Bernard Shaw

At every word a reputation dies. -Alexander Pope

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them. -Will Rogers

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.  -Spanish Proverb

What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.  -Jewish Proverb

What is told in the ear of a man is often heard 100 miles away. -Chinese Proverb

It is perfectly monstrous the way people go about nowadays saying things against one, behind one's back, that are absolutely and entirely true. -Oscar Wilde

So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip. -Will Rogers

Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas. -Marie Curie

I don't care what anybody says about me as long as it isn't true. -Dorothy Parker

History is merely gossip. -Oscar Wilde

Don't speak evil of someone if you don't know for certain, and if you do know ask yourself, why am I telling it? -Johann Kaspar Lavater

Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few of us still remaining with noble hearts. -Anna Godbersen

If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends - you're safe in doing it.  But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue. -Alice Duer Miller

No one gossips about other people's secret virtues. -Bertrand Russell

And all who told it added something new, and all who heard it, made enlargements too. -Alexander Pope

Gossip needn't be false to be evil—there's a lot of truth that shouldn't be passed around. -Frank A. Clark

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. -Henry Fielding

None are so fond of secrets as those who do not mean to keep them. -Charles Caleb Colton

Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.  -Shana Alexander

I maintain that, if everyone knew what others said about him, there would not be four friends in the world. -Blaise Pascal

It isn't what they say about you, it's what they whisper. -Errol Flynn

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