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Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live! -Bob Marley

Jealousy is, I think, the worst of all faults because it makes a victim of both parties. -Gene Tierney

Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied. -Mark Twain

A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity. -Robert A. Heinlein

Don't waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. -Mary Schmich

Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value.  Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point – that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you.  There is only one alternative – self-value.  If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved.  You will always think it’s a mistake or luck.  Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within.  Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences.  Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security.  Then you will be the one others envy, and you can remember the pain and reach out to them. -Jennifer James

The wicked envy and hate; it is their way of admiring. -Victor Hugo

Never waste jealousy on a real man:  it is the imaginary man that supplants us all in the long run. -George Bernard Shaw

Jealousy injures us with the dagger of self-doubt. -Terri Guillemets

In this world one must be like everybody else if he doesn't want to provoke scorn or envy or jealousy. -Mark Twain

You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars. -Gary Allan

More men die of jealousy than of cancer. - Joseph P. Kennedy

Jealousy is all the fun you think they had. -Erica Jong

As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion. -Antisthenes

Jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment. -Arab Proverb

Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive. -Havelock Ellis

Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality. -Steve Maraboli

The envious die not once, but as oft as the envied win applause.  -Baltasar Gracián

Envy comes from people's ignorance of, or lack of belief in, their own gifts. -Jean Vanier

Nature is at work. Character and destiny are her handiwork. She gives us love and hate, jealousy and reverence. All that is ours is the power to choose which impulse we shall follow. -David Seabury

It is never wise to seek or wish for another's misfortune. If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. -Charley Reese

He that is jealous is not in love. -Saint Augustine

Isn't it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up? -Sean Covey

Don't you worry your pretty little mind because people throw rocks at things that shine. -Taylor Swift

It is only at the tree loaded with fruit that the people throw stones. -French Proverb

Pity is for the living, envy is for the dead.  -Mark Twain

Love may be blind but jealousy has 20-20 vision.

Jealousy in romance is like salt in food.  A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.  -Maya Angelou

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own.  -Harold Coffin

Envy is the most stupid of vices, for there is no single advantage to be gained from it. -Honore de Balzac

Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn't change the heart of others-- it only changes yours. -Shannon L. Alder

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.  -Carrie Fisher

My wife's jealousy is getting ridiculous. The other day she looked at my calendar and wanted to know who May was. -Rodney Dangerfield

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