Shakespeare Insult Quotes

Shakespeare Insult Quotes: A Unique Collection of William Shakespeare's best insults for all your insult needs.

All Quotes by William Shakespeare. The work they come from is listed after the quote.

You abilities are too infant-like for doing much alone. -Coriolanus

More of your conversation would infect my brain. -Coriolanus

Thou mis-shapen dick! -Henry VI, Part Three

You should be women and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so. -Macbeth

Thou art as loathsome as a toad. -Titus Andronicus

He is deformed, crooked, old and sere,
Ill-faced, worse bodied, shapeless everywhere;
Vicious, ungentle, foolish, blunt, unkind;
Stigmatical in making, worse in mind. -The Comedy of Errors

Thou art as fat as butter. -Henry IV, Part One

There is no more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger. -Coriolanus

Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell. -Othello

Thou leathern jerkin, crystal-button, not-pated, agate-ring, puke-stocking, caddis-garter, smooth-tongue, Spanish-pouch. -Henry IV, Part One

Methink thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee. I think thou wast created for men to breathe themselves upon you. -All's Well That Ends Well

You are not worth another word, else I'd call you knave. -All's Well that Ends Well

Away, you three inch fool. -Taming of the Shrew

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. -Macbeth

I do desire we may be better strangers. - As You Like It

Take you me for a sponge? -Hamlet

Your virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese. -All’s Well That Ends Well

You, minion, you are too saucy. -Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Take her away; for she hath lived too long, To fill the world with vicious qualities. -Henry VI, Part One

You are a tedious fool. -Measure for Measure

Thou sodden-witted lord! thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows. -Troilus and Cressida

I'll beat thee, but I should infect my hands. -Timon of Athens

Thou art the best of cut-throats. -Macbeth

Thou lump of foul deformity! -Richard III

Out of my sight! thou dost infect my eyes. -Richard III

You are strangely troublesome. -Henry VIII

You have such a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness. -Much Ado About Nothing

She hath more hair than wit, and more faults than hairs, and more wealth than faults. -Two Gentlemen of Verona

Thou art a Castilian King urinal! -The Merry Wives of Windsor

Thou unfit for any place but hell. -Richard III

Peace, ye fat guts. -Henry IV, Part One

Why, this hath not a finger's dignity. -Troilus and Cressida

Thou cream faced loon. -Macbeth

A knave; a rascal; an eater of broken meats; base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited, hundred-pound, filthy, worsted-stocking knave; a lily-livered, action-taking knave, a whoreson, glass-gazing, super-serviceable finical rogue; one-trunk-inheriting slave; one that wouldst be a bawd, in way of good service, and art nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar, and the son and heir of a mongrel bitch: one whom I will beat into clamorous whining, if thou deniest the least syllable of thy addition. -King Lear

You Scullion. You Rampallian. You Frustilarian. I'll tickle your chatastrophe. -Henry IV, Part Two

Thou art the son and heir of a mongrel bitch. -King Lear

There’s no more faith in thee than in a stewed prune. -Henry IV, Part One

Thou art a base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited, hundred-pound, filthy worsted-stocking knave; a lily-liver'd, action-taking, whoreson, glass-gazing, superserviceable, finical rogue; one-trunk-inheriting slave; one that wouldst be a bawd in way of good service, and art nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar, and the son and heir of a mungril bitch. -King Lear

You peasant swain! You whoreson malt-horse drudge! -The Taming of the Shrew

I must tell you friendly in your ear, sell when you can, you are not for all markets. -As You Like It

I do wish thou were a dog, that I might love thee something. -Timon of Athens

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